Lipsia 8

The Lipsia line of machines is quite confusing to me. Model numbers seem to be more or less successive, with addition of letters for certain functionality. This is the basic model 8, which appears to have a setting control register (with its proper reset knob hidden by the original tin cover on the right), no tens' carry in the revolution counter, and no quick clearing, but simple cranks. The factory appears not to have survived, unless the numbering in the street changed. It was located in the Dessauer Strasse in Leipzig, and closed after the nationalisation in 1953 (also Triumphator was located in Leipzig). The new nr. 13 is the large white building in the background of this picture (behind the white van). You can see from the surroundings it used to be an industrial neighborhood.

Lipsia 8 picture 1

Lipsia 8 picture 2

Lipsia 8 picture 3

Lipsia 8 picture 4