Brunsviga Trinks Triplex

Really the predecessor to the double machines. The clearing of the result register can be split into two starting at position 13 by pushing the lever on top of the carriage to the right for clearing the right part, and by pushing the lever on top of the clearing nut for clearing the left part, so the machine can be used as two independent calculators, which do, however, always rotate in the same direction. Ten's carry can be complete over all 20 input sliders, but when used as two machines, the knob at the bottom right of the carriage can be pulled, which disengages the carry in the 12th position.

The machine appears to be a further development of the Brunsviga MD, which has the same size pinwheel cylinder with carrying over 20 positions, but with only 12 input pins, and no possibility to partially reset the result register.

This machine also serves as an example of what is desirable in a calculator. In itself, it is nice enough, although it has lost some nickel and some paint, and there is some corrosion, and the bone handle is a bit spotty. Compare it, however, with the other example of a Trinks Triplex I have.

Trinks Triplex  picture 1

Trinks Triplex  picture 2

Trinks Triplex picture 3

Trinks Triplex  picture 4