Vaucanson A.V.A. 20

This is a very beautiful French large-capacity calculator, with several innovative features. The fast-clearing mechanisms stand out, as well as the carriage transport which is by twist- instead of push-knob. There are also variants with a capacity of 13, and the AtÚliers Vaucanson also branded their machines differently - I also used to have an A.V.A. 13 one which was labeled "Pascal" for sale by Y.A. Chauvin.

The machine is currently non-functional, because of an issue with one of the digits in the main register, which is quite tough to move, and makes it impossible to clear the machine. This is currently awaiting repair.

Jacques de Vaucanson himself was an 18th century french engineer who became famous with various automatons, invented the automatic loom, and lent his name to several high schools and engineering works, among them the AtÚliers Vaucanson in Paris, which also made clocks.

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